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Expertise Report - Lifetime Extension 20+

In order for an Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) not to lose its operating iicence, its stability must be proven. 

An expertise report is the basis for licensing authorities regarding lifetime extensions in order to approve the continued operation of the WTG.

We are a member of BWE and authorised by BWE.

We examine your wind turbine generator in accordance with the test methods laid down in the BWE principles "Principles for carrying out an assessment and examination on the continued operation of onshore wind turbine generators (BPW)", as well as the current DIBt guideline for wind turbine generators and the specifications and standards of DNV GL.

As a result, you will receive an expertise report for the continued operation of your wind turbine generator in accordance with the current state of technology.

windwise - maxcap

Base load-optimised wind turbine maxcap - has been erected and will be grid connected in 2023!

It's done - the maxcap is built!

The installation of the #maxcap was an exciting journey with some challenges for the entire windwise team.

It started in 2018 with the award of the ERDF-funded project "Base load-optimised wind turbine for demand-driven energy production "maxcap". This was followed by 3 years of development and production work with the successful completion of the drive train tests on the CWD test stand in Aachen. Everything went very well - we were well on time.

In 2022, we received new funding from the "progres.NRW" funding program and received the long-awaited planning permission to build the pilot plant in Lienen, which gave us new momentum. At this point, we would like to thank the district of Steinfurt and the municipality of Lienen for their fantastic support during the approval process.

In November 2023, the time has finally come - the maxcap wind turbine is built in Lienen.

This path was undoubtedly rocky, but in the end it was crowned with success. The entire windwise team is proud and happy about this milestone in the company's history and is looking forward to the future with #maxcap, which is full of energy and opportunities.

We invite you to know more about our #maxcap project and our passion for renewable energy.

On windwise ON AIR we regularly post short video sequences about our work and especially about #maxcap.


windwise - international

Impressions of windwise at WindEnergy2022

2024 - let's look forward to seeing you again...

Als Aussteller und Newcomer auf der WindEnergy2022 haben die windwise-Ingenieure sehr viel Positives von der Messe mitgenommen. Wir haben viele intensive Gespräche mit neuen Interessenten zu unserem laufenden Projekt „maxcap” und unserem Geschäftsfeld “Weiterbetrieb 20+“ geführt. 

International visitors in particular focused on questions about cooperation opportunities and licensing. Initiated not least by the current energy crisis in Germany and Europe, there was an unusually high level of interest from German/European customers in the topic of "self-supply of electricity" and "project development for one's own wind turbine". 

The English version of the video can also be viewed under WINDWISE ON AIR


zu besetzende Stelle - Stand: 01.03.2024

Elektroingenieur (w/m/d) in der Windenergie

We apprechiate Initiative Application!

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