Licensing Models

Licensing - Your Chance to Expand Your Portfolio

With its licensing models, windwise is rethinking the way technology is transferred in the manufacture of wind turbine generators.

The windwise engineering team would like to make its know-how available in particular to companies which, as pioneers in the wind industry, would like to create the opportunity to establish themselves as manufacturers of wind turbine generators.

Companies that would like to expand their portfolio in the "renewables" sector to include wind energy promptly and competently can feel addressed.

We combine your production facilities with our engineering knowledge to position your company successfully and economically as a manufacturer of wind turbine generators.

windwise offers 2 Licensing Models for the Distribution of maxcap Technology


Licence - What does it include?

For all Licensees

The licensee benefits from the outstandingly long years of experience of windwise engineers in the construction of wind turbine generators.

windwise engineers accompany the licensee in every project phase and preferentially support the licensing company as cooperation partners.

In addition to all technical data, the licensee also receives complete documentation on the manufacture and construction of the maxcap WTG.

The documents give support in the acquisition of components (parts list, drawings, supplier directories), in production (special assembly instructions) up to the installation of the system in the field (assembly drawings, commissioning and maintenance instructions).

In addition to a detailed safety concept, licensees are instructed in the operational processes of the WTG.

Our windwise engineers offer the licensing company an all-inclusive package - they provide support where the shoe pinches: from setting up the production facility to organising a service team for long-term independent operation.

With this licence, the licensee acquires the full rights of use for the production and sale of the maxcap technology. The licence fee correlates with the number of maxcap WTGs installed. Initially, the licensee has no claim to exclusivity in the market. An update to an "area exclusive licence" is possible as long as the licence rights for a defined market have not yet been awarded by windwise.

An Area Exclusive Licence always relates to an area contractually defined with the licensee. 

The licensee of an Area Exclusive Licence is granted the right as the exclusive supplier in the defined market to market the maxcap technology for the manufacture, installation, supply, maintenance, upgrade and / or repair of any number of maxcap WTGs or related products.

In defining the market, the focus is often on country borders. This country orientation is not a "Must". There is room for negotiation here. It is possible to coordinate the area for the exclusive licence with windwise according to the wishes of the licensee and to record this contractually, provided there is no overlap with already existing exclusive licence areas.


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