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maxcap - Assembly at Bentec

Series Report for Social Media - Episode3

maxcap Assembly - things are moving forward

In Lienen, the foundation work for the tower has been completed. 🏗️🔩 Things are progressing at Bentec in the assembly: chain hoist, barrier mesh, safety mesh, mesh cable trays, power cable and roof cooler have been installed. Our engineers from #windwise set during the assembly of the prototype of the #maxcap on teamwork 💪⚙️ to make the project a success together with the Bentec assembly specialists.
Today, the casting of the rotor hub has been delivered. Over the next three weeks, the focus will be on assembling the blade bearings and pitch system. Stay tuned for more exciting updates! #maxcap #windwise #Teamwork #IngenieureAmWerk #Baustellenleben #LienenProjekt🏭


maxcap - Installation of the anchor cage for the tower

Series Report for Social Media - Episode2

Installation of the anchor cage for the maxcap in Lienen

Things are progressing: The anchor cage for the maxcap tower is in the installation phase and will be firmly anchored in the concrete this week. Daniel, our dedicated windwise project manager, is coordinating everything sovereign and professional 🙂 - we are on a good way!


maxcap - New Generation of Wind Turbine Generators

Series Report for Social Media - Episode1

Groundbreaking ceremony for maxcap in Lienen

Finally - we have been waiting so long now! Now it's starting, the maxcap will be built this year. Today is the ground-breaking ceremony, the maize has been cut and the excavators are paving the access road. We from the windwise team are looking forward to it - and will keep you up to date...


Impressions of windwise at WindEnergy2022

WindEnergy Exhibition 2022 in Hamburg

Als Aussteller und Newcomer auf der WindEnergy2022 haben die windwise-Ingenieure sehr viel Positives von der Messe mitgenommen. Wir haben viele intensive Gespräche mit neuen Interessenten zu unserem laufenden Projekt „maxcap” und unserem Geschäftsfeld “Weiterbetrieb 20+“ geführt. 

International visitors in particular focused on questions about cooperation opportunities and licensing. Initiated not least by the current energy crisis in Germany and Europe, there was an unusually high level of interest from German/European customers in the topic of "self-supply of electricity" and "project development for one's own wind turbine". 


windwise goes WindEnergy 2022

WindEnergy Exhibition 2022 in Hamburg

We will be there from 27.09. to 30.09.!


maxcap - New Generation of Wind Turbine Generators

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Project planning in Lienen

Als Experte für Windenergie ist Prof. Dr. Peter Vennemann, Fachhochschule Münster, zum Studiogespräch ins WDR-Studio eingeladen worden. Er kommentiert den zuvor gesendeten Beitrag “Windkraft-Revolution in Lienen”.

Wind Power Revolution in Lienen

Benno Sandmann and Markus Becker, our managing directors, in an interview with WDR editor Markus Wollnik.

maxcap - New Generation of Wind Turbine Generators

Expertise Report Lifetime Extension 20+

Analyse potential - using Resources sustainably

We are a member of the BWE and authorised as experts by the BWE.

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