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Current Topic - Self-supply of Electricity - "Behind the Meter"

Was bedeutet “Behind the Meter”?

Every electricity consumer has meters in their premises that calculate how much energy in kWh was taken from the grid. 

Einfach ausgedrückt ist alles, was vor Ort, auf der Seite des Energieverbrauchers, geschieht “hinter dem Zähler” und im Gegenzug gilt dann alles, was auf der Netzseite geschieht, als vor dem Zähler.

Until recently, there wasn't much you could do behind the counter to save money, except turn off the lights and machines when they weren't needed.

There has been a recent shift in the world's awareness of renewable energy. There are now a number of ways for companies to minimise electricity costs and optimise their energy balance.

In this context, investments in a form of renewable energy generation are becoming increasingly popular.

The return on investment when purchasing a maxcap wind turbine generator can be substantial.

As an entrepreneur, you can reduce your electricity purchases from the grid and significantly improve your carbon footprint.


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