maxcap - New Generation of Wind Turbine Generators

maxcap - Designed for Changing Market Requirements

Changing Market Requirements - High Electricity Prices - Low Capacity Utilisation - make conventional Wind Turbine Generators unprofitable

maxcap141 is the low Wind Speed Turbine with unmatched Full Load Hours for a significantly increased Capacity Utilisation

maxcap141 is base-load optimised and generates electricity much better to demand


The base-load optimised Wind Turbine Generator

maxcap - So that the Energy Transition takes off...

maxcap141 - Technical Data in the Overview

Rotor Diameter


Turbular Steel Tower

107m - 126m

project specific HH possible

Nominal Power

2.3 MW


25 years

Average Wind Speed


Climate Conditions

-20°C to 35°C, *optional -30°C to 45°C

Capacity Utilisation

maxcap - Advantages

is optimised for

low cost of energy (LCoE)

self-supply / behind the meter

combination with battery storage solutions

combination of the WTG with an electrolyser - for hydrogen production

desalination / drinking water production

Licensing Models

Licensing - Enables local added Value!

The maxcap licensing models are created for companies that want to expand their portfolio in the wind energy sector.

Insbesondere Unternehmen, oder auch staatliche Institutionen, die mit der maxcap-Technologie lokale Wertschöpfung ermöglichen wollen, können sich mit dem “area-exclusive-Lizenzmodell” zum Windenergieanlagenbauer etablieren.

The licensee of an area-exclusive licence receives with this licence the permission to use the maxcap technology with full ownership guarantee for the use and commercialisation of the maxcap technology. The company acquires the right to manufacture, install, supply, use, maintain, upgrade and / or repair any number of maxcap WTGs or related products, including active marketing and use by its customers. 

windwise engineers accompany the licensees and assist the companies with necessary technology support as a cooperation partner.

An area-exclusive licence always refers to an area contractually defined with the licensee. 

In many cases, the focus is on country borders. This country orientation is not a must. It is also possible to agree on the area for the exclusive licence with windwise and to fix it contractually, provided there is no overlap with already existing exclusive licence areas.

Licensing - Ask about your Possibilities!

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