Technical Support

Inspection and Expertise Report

Detect Technical Defects at an Early Stage - Prevent Major Damage!

As a rule, the manufacturer's warranty obligation expires after 2 or 5 years. Before the end of this period, it is advisable to carry out an assessment of the condition of the wind turbine generator in order to uncover hidden defects in the WTG and to ensure operational safety.

An inspection by windwise engineers reveals defects before they can lead to major damage, such as bearing or gearbox damage, and secures corresponding warranty claims against the manufacturer.

We are an authorised member of the BWE (german wind energy association) and, as an authorised member of the BWE Expert Advisory Board, we have been appointed as an expert authorised to carry out periodic inspections on wind turbine generators.

Our windwise engineers assess your WTG independently.

We examine your wind turbine generator in accordance with the test methods laid down in the BWE principles "Principles for carrying out an assessment and examination on the continued operation of onshore wind turbine generators (BPW)", as well as the current DIBt guideline for wind turbine generators and the specifications and standards of DNV GL.

As a result, you will receive an expertise opinion on the condition of your WTG in accordance with the current standard of technology and, if necessary, recommendations for action to eliminate the deficiencies identified.

Fast Support - from professionally specialised Engineers

The second level support of windwise gives quick support for the solution of technical problems with your WTG.

Customer questions regarding urgent problems with the WTG are discussed and debated on the phone or by e-mail with our engineer, your personal contact at windwise. The engineer will take care of the problem within 24 hours.

Experience has shown that your contact person at windwise, with his technical know-how, will promptly provide appropriate recommendations for remedying the defect or intervene remotely directly in the control of the WTG in order to eliminate the problem immediately.

For the 2nd level support, windwise attaches great importance to qualified and experienced employees, not least in order to be able to help our customers really and above all quickly.

The diversity of wind turbine generators requires a good 2nd level support to have a pronounced expertise in the construction and operation of the individual turbines. In addition to current WTG models, older generations of wind turbine generators are also frequently affected by technical problems.

Especially here, the windwise engineers score with their technical knowledge, which is partly based on more than 25 years of professional experience in the wind industry.

Development of Tools and Auxiliary Systems

Tools - an indispensable Toolkit

Innovations always start with an idea. windwise thinks this idea further and develops tools and aids for the practical implementation of the idea.

There are many challenges in the production and erection of wind turbine generators. For example, exact dimensions must be maintained and heavy components must be assembled and transported.

For this purpose, windwise has in the past developed, among other things, slings for use in production and for erection in the field.

A specially developed lifting beam with telescopic arm guarantees exact alignment when mounting the rotor lock disc in production.

A lifting traverse for the rotor star enables star mounting in the field. Single-blade mounting also requires lifting tools specially adapted to the rotor blade type, the construction of which was developed by windwise.

The transport of bulky and heavy components over impassable terrain in the field always presents the engineers with very special challenges when erecting a wind turbine. As a concrete example, we can mention the development of a tracked vehicle for transporting the nacelle to overcome narrow and undeveloped roads, in this case in Japan. 

From many years of experience as a manufacturer, constructor and developer in the wind industry, we are familiar with the problems associated with the installation of wind turbine generators and offer competent and customised, constructive solutions for your optimum technology value creation.

Technology solutions that help to make processes safer and faster and thus save costs in production and set-up costs!

Tailor-made Tools - save Production and set-up Costs


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