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300 years of cumulative experience

Our team looks back on exceptionally long years of experience in the construction of wind turbine generators.

The team has excellent references in the development and construction of new wind turbine generators as well as their industrialisation. 

Our team is distinguished by the fact that over the past 25 years in various internationally active companies, it has been able to build up a unique understanding of systems and markets, which is necessary to produce highly modern and economical systems.

Since 1989 to now, our team has been significantly involved in the construction of more than 20 wind turbine generators.

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Expertise in the wind industry

Our team offers expertise in the following areas:
  • Tower and fundament
  • Load calculation and simulation
  • Construction and development
  • Nacelle and rotor hub
  • Rotor blades
  • Pitch system
  • Generator
  • Gearbox
  • Cable laying
  • Switch cabinet construction
  • Flash protection and equipotential bonding
  • Grid codes - grid connection
  • Software development
  • Technical documentation for work instructions and manuals
  • Commissioning of the wind turbine generator
  • Expertise reports, approval procedures
  • System Validation
  • Project Management
  • Technical and commercial management
  • Operating data evaluation
  • Contract design
  • Issuing licences

Our Contribution to Climate Protection

With our team of 14 engineers, we develop innovative products and services for the renewable energy sector, especially wind energy.

With our know-how, we support the complete value chain of wind projects and provide support in the


Quality management

Project Management

Operational management of WTGs

2nd Level Support

In this way, we want to make a sustainable contribution to the energy transition!

With the development of the maxcap wind turbine generator, we have designed a new turbine with improved converter technology and optimised software. 

The maxcap wind turbine scores particularly well on the topics of "negative electricity prices" and increasing the capacity factor.

Not only technologically but also economically, maxcap will strengthen the position of wind power as the cornerstone of a new generation of turbines in climate change. 

With our business model "maxcap as a licensing model", companies and states that have no experience in wind so far can become manufacturers of wind turbine generators.

We make wind technology usable for everyone!

Our team is broadly positioned for future development tasks. 

In our team, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, software specialists, load calculators and technical designer work hand in hand. 

With over 250 years of cumulative professional experience, we stand by our clients.

The team operates internationally and benefits from more than 25 years of accumulated experience "in the wind". 

The "wind family" is quite overseeable - and we are happy to be a part of it!


Would you like to become Part of our Team?

"We value your Opinion and welcome your Ideas!"


Hafenweg 46-48

48155 Münster

E-mail: info@windwise.eu

Phone: +49.251.590 667 0