maxcap - a Stand Alone Energy Solution

Electricity 2023?

What can we expect in the Future?

Energy prices are rising and price development forecasts are subject to great risk. Politicians are setting the course for the expansion of renewables. Subsidies have been made available. The climate fund has been increased by 60 billion euros. The administrative bureaucracy must become faster. It is enshrined as a principle that the use of renewable energies is in the overriding public interest and serves public safety. The expansion of renewables has been declared to be in the common good. Here, wind turbines in particular make the greatest contribution to the massive expansion of renewables. 

Calculable energy production has become a central issue for every entrepreneur - low energy costs are becoming a clear competitive advantage!

Especially entrepreneurs from energy-intensive companies, such as the glass, concrete, steel and chemical industries, are thinking about the possibility of supplying their own electricity. 

It is obvious to think about a autonomous energy supply!

One thing is clear: self-sufficient energy supply must be in harmony with a demand-oriented energy supply. This is where maxcap technology comes into play. The solution for a guaranteed energy supply in production can be the combination of the maxcap wind turbine with the use / production of hydrogen as a storage medium. A special feature of the maxcap wind turbine, base load optimisation, makes it an ideal energy supplier for the electrolyser due to a more even power feed-in. 

Another special feature, the increased number of full load hours of the maxcap, guarantees a company a worthwhile investment, even at low-wind sites. Even at locations with an average annual wind speed of 5 m/s, the maxcap calculates with a levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) of <8 cents/KWh.

The majority of windwise engineers have been involved in the development of wind turbine generators for more than 30 years. They have developed the maxcap technology not only because they have the technical understanding and know-how, but also because they believe in the potential of the maxcap, especially in the area of self-supply. 

With maxcap technology, an autonomous energy supply becomes possible for many companies! 

Are you interested? - then we will be happy to come and explain your options to you. We will check the conditions at your company location in order to give you a recommendation for the optimal energy supply for your business.

Project Planning for the Self-Supply of Electricity

for your Company

-Everything from a single Source!

Feasibility Study

Economic Efficiency

Technical Product Concept

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maxcap - Which Energy Solution suits Your Company?

In the case of self-supply, the wind turbine generator is typically installed on the company premises or in the immediate area.

The electricity is consumed directly by the company and not fed into the public grid.

In this spatial connection between the WTG as energy producer and the business premises as energy consumer, grid charges and levies can be saved to a very considerable extent.

Within the scope of this supply, windwise basically offers 2 power supply models.


Independent Power Producer (IPP) or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Your Company as WTG operator - IPP

An energy parc or even a single WTG is an investment in the future. This investment not only generates additional income, but also ensures independence in the company's power supply for the future.

Especially in Germany, a country comparatively poor in natural resources, we can profit from wind energy. The expansion of wind power plants gives your company an enormous economic advantage over other nations in the long term.

Today's wind turbines differ significantly in terms of productivity from the turbines of 20 years ago.

The maxcap technology in particular shows a significant increase in efficiency. More full load hours compared to savings in material costs make maxcap WTGs affordable for many investors and also particularly economical for low wind areas.

With maxcap, the capital intensity decreases. The maxcap WTG is an investment opportunity with comparatively high expected returns over the operating period of 25 years.

Returns from maxcap income after the amortisation date ensure liquidity growth for the company and increase flexibility for future capital investment opportunities.

With the sustainable investment in a maxcap WTG, 
a company is not only guided by the classic criteria of security, profitability and liquidity, but also includes ecological and ethical aspects in its investment is not only guided by the classic criteria of security, profitability and liquidity, but also includes ecological and ethical aspects in its investment decision.

Secure the lowest Electricity Prices for the next 25 Years, Now!

maxcap Investment - a Good Way to sustainably secure your Company's Success.

Your Company as longterm Electricity Customer - PPA

A PPA is a long-term electricity contract for the supply of sustainable energy. The conclusion of a PPA secures a company a fixed price for the KWh over a clearly defined period of time - usually 10 to 20 years.

The buyers are usually electricity-intensive companies that need a secure cost calculation but do not want to act as energy producers themselves. A PPA gives the corresponding price security to secure the operating costs.

Recently, windwise has received an increasing number of enquiries from investors who are interested in investing in maxcap technology.

If we are able to recommend the installation of a wind turbine to your company with a windwise feasibility study, then the conclusion of a PPA opens up various possibilities for windwise with banks and potential investors for financing the installation of a maxcap wind turbine generator.

Considering that 25% of the electricity price falls on grid charges, a particularly economical electricity price will be agreed in a PPA when building at the company's location.

Das Modell “PPA für eine maxcap WEA” ist eine WIN-WIN-Situation. windwise übernimmt die Investmentchance / -risiko und die Verantwortung für die Betriebsführung der maxcap. Gleichzeitig sichert sich Ihr Unternehmen mit einem PPA einen vergleichsweise günstigeren Festpreis für die nächsten 20 Jahre.

Secured Energy Supply with a PPA -

windwise becomes Operator of the WTG and your Sustainable Electricity Supplier

Your own Electricity Production with windwise - as a Supplier or as an Operator


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